Research Base Projects

The primary focus of
C-StARR is the support of
projects in its research base.

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Completed Research Projects

Since its inception in 2003, the
C-StARR has provided funding and
core support for a large number of
projects related to the role of
regulation in problem behavior
and its prevention.

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Pilot Research Projects

Each year, the C-StARR funds 2-4
time-limited projects that bring
together senior- and early-career
investigators from different
disciplines for focused studies.

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The Center for Adolescent Risk and Resilience (C-StARR) supports an ambitious research agenda addressing genetic, neural, and cognitive mechanisms in self-regulation, with an emphasis on the role of self-regulation in academic performance, peer relations, and drug and alcohol use during late adolescence. The primary work of the C-StARR is to help investigators already funded to do research relevant to the Center’s research agenda enhance and extend their work. The C-StARR also funds a small number of pilot research projects, focusing primarily on those involving interdisciplinary teams committed to seeking extramural funding for their work. The C-StARR supports a thriving intellectual community that includes two dozen faculty members from nine academic departments at Duke, ranging from neuroscience and genetics to economics and public policy.

The C-StARR, a National Institute on Drug Abuse Core Center of Excellence, has been funded continuously since 2003. In addition to supporting cutting-edge science on self-regulation during late adolescence and emerging adulthood, the Center seeks to inform relevant prevention programs, practices, and policies. The C-StARR also is committed to the mentorship and training of the next generation of scientists studying the development of self-regulation across the adolescent years and the effects of deficits and skills at self-regulation on consequential outcomes.

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C-StARR brings high-caliber speakers and educational opportunities to the Triangle policy and research communities to help address the problems facing children and families in contemporary society.

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